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XenDesktop Sizing recommendations

Baumgartner AG


Good morning everyone


I just wanted to get some inputs from other Citrix users about farm sizing. 


In short time, we will be running the following sites:


- 17 XenApp Targets (PVS) booted from vDisk with Windows Server 2016 (About 12 users per server)

- 60 XenDesktop Targets (PVS) booted from vDisk with Windows 10 (one user per VM)

- 1 Standalone App-Server booted from local Disk

- Maybe 1 or 2 Testservers in seperate delivery groups to test software and updates


So, what are the reccomendations for enviroments like this? 


Currently we have:


- 2 Controllers (Failover/Balancing)

- 2 PVS servers (Failover/Balancing)

- 1 Storefront server/Licensing server

- 1 seperate vDisk store server


I've read about optimizations for PVS. For example, there is a possibility to add a second VMXNET3 NIC to PVS servers to seperate the streaming for the vDisks... Would that make sense?


Also is it necessary to add more controllers or more PVS servers?


I believe Storefront and licensing is good to go.



I would be thankful for any reccomendations.



Regards, Cedy

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Hi, here are my personal 50cents


- 2 Controllers (Failover/Balancing) - good  

- 2 PVS servers (Failover/Balancing) - good 
well, always a good idea to have 2 of those, one would nbe technically enough to deliver that environment ...  


- 1 Storefront server/Licensing server  - since SF is critical for you user's access, would consider having 2 as well. Licensing is usually not that kind of issue that you cannot recreate in 30 days...  maybe split licensing and SF to have no dependencies


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8 hours ago, Akshay Mane1709160863 said:

Having an another NIC VMXNET3 NIC to PVS servers to seperate the streaming for the vDisks which is good but when you have vast environment.

However, you can add another Storefront Server because its very critical for user access.





System Admin - CloudDesktopOnline


Hi Akshay


Thanks for your reply. 


Is there a document on how to configure second NIC on PVS server? Can I assign a different fixed IP to it? 



Regards, Cedy

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Hi Cedy,


unfortunately I couldn't find a guide on how to isolate the streaming traffic in PVS, but it's pretty straight forward when configuring the PVS Site. You add a second NIC with a different, fixed IP and during setup you can choose this NIC for streaming traffic:





BUT just my 2 cents. I've been installing Provisioning for years now and in most cases I just go with the simple design and don't separate the networks, except for special requests by the customer or for security reasons.


There's also a good Blog article from Citrix regarding this topic: https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2012/05/01/pvs-stream-traffic-isolation/


Regards, Fabian

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