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PVS - threads per port less than vCPU, how to start from port 7000?

William Chu



I've been testing and trying to get our PVS 7.15 optimized.

  • We use 2 PVS servers for HA
  • 4vCPU and 8GB RAM each.
  • port range is 6910 to 6968
  • threads per port is 2, local IO = 0, remote IO = 0; all other settings default


We stream 3 vhdx images located in separate E:\ SSD

  • image1.vhdx win7--> has 126 targets
  • image2.vhdx win7 --> has 4 targets
  • image3.vhdx win10 --> has 3 targets
  • the targets are physical moonshot cartridges running SSD disk.


I have tried threads per port of 4 and 3 = but ive noticed the retries during boot are high and slow boot; 2 threads per port booting is better but retries are still high in the 100s to 300s after boot is done.

I haven't tried 1 thread per port because that would mean i can't accommodate all my target according to the formula: “# of ports” x “# of threads/port” = “max clients”.

the above statement is only for image1.vhx which has 126 target; the other vhdx dont get high retries; which makes sense as their targets are low.


So i want to add more ports but 6968 is the max port number in the 6000 ports range. I tried setting 7000 to 7200; but my desktops wont pxe boot they get stuck on a screen on the tftp step.

i adjusted the PVS server configure bootstrap to server port 7000 (default is 6910) ; but no luck booting still.



1) how do i get desktops to boot with PVS servers port range starting at 7000?

2) after i figure out question 1, i want to try 1 thread per port even though my PVS servers have 4vcpu - is this non-optimal?

because i noticed, for example port 6910 will be used for 4 desktops if i set 4 threads per port and 4 desktops battling on that 1 port is causing high retries.

My goal is to get my retries under 100 during boot for my image1.vhx with 126 targets.


no network issues, as image2 and image3.vhdx would be getting high retries overtime they are on the same storage and network as image1.vhdx




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