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MS SQL and Windows Auth

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Hi. I was try to relocate MS SQL Server behind Netscaler. What I was doing

  1. created  mssql-ecv monitor for empty database
  2. created service, and binded my monitor there
  3. created lb, binded my service

now i can connect, but only with SQL auth only.

I was try use aaa kcdAccount and dbprofile

  • add aaa kcdAccount kcd_domain -delegatedUser netScalerVPX -kcdPassword Tw7cx4p3Ap -realmStr test.local
  • add dbprofile dbprof_domain -kcdAccount kcd_domain
  • add lb vserver SQL_TEST02 msSQL 1433 -dbprofileName dbprof_domain

but it's give nothing to me. I can't auth with windows username. 

Is anyone know where is my fault or what I forgot?


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