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quick question about app layers

John Litster


this should be an easy question, but i'm still new to all this.....

I have an OS layer-Platform layer-template and a handfull of app layers.  those work

I created a new OS layer-new platform layer and a new template.   

SHouldn't I be able to assign an existing app layer to the new template?

both OS layers are Win10 1809.

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No.  App Layers are not portable.  They go with the OS layer they are created with.  We have a labs feature for elastic layers only that allows them to be used across OS layers but for published images we think mixing between OS layers is to dangerous to the stability of the image.  There are many reasons for this but the main one is that there are configurations, registry keys, GUIDs and many other settings that are dynamically created in a Windows OS that app layers rely on when you create them.  When you move some apps to be used with a different OS layer things can break in very unexpected ways so we dont allow this.  So what you really want to do is keep your OS layer generic wiht just MS OS layer stuff.  That way you can use it for any image you create.  Then to upgrade to a new feature release you add a version to the OS layer and do the upgrade in a new version so most of the settings are retained.

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