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Any luck with ADM cloud service?

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Has anyone successfully used the ADM cloud service? A client of ours wants some diagnostic information on their ADC applications. ADM analytics looked like it would provide the required information. I thought it would be quicker to try it out with a trial of the cloud service instead of standing up an on premises appliance. However, I have not had much luck in getting this working.


First issue. After setting up an account and requesting the trial, the page states that it will be available after a few minutes. It actually took a day before it was available.


Second. After seeing it was available, I tried to use it. Clicked on the manage link. Dead page. Tried several browsers from several locations to make sure it wasn't me. Just looked like the service was down. Was about to log a support call and went back to the page to get some screen grabs, when it sprang into life and started working.


Third. When trying to initiate a 12.1. VPX instance using the built in agent, the  mastools_init.sh script wasn't where it is supposed to be in /var/mastools/scripts. I eventually found it in /var/netscaler/mastools/scripts, but it won't run from there. After moving the mastools folder to the documented location I could finally run the script and add the instance.


Hooray. Looks like I am getting somewhere.


However, once the instance finally showed up in the console, I tried to enable analytics. According to the documentation here:



...all I need to do is select the instance, then go to the Select Action drop down and select Enable Analytics. The option does not exist:



Am I doing something very wrong, just unlucky or is the service not fit for use at the moment. 

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