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Xenserver 7.1 lockups

Bryan Berndt


We use Xenserver 7.1 Free editon, fully patched, but not the LTSR version, since there are no resources for the support contract :(  Build number 137272, if that helps.


Since upgrading several 6.2 and 6.5 servers to the same 7.1 as the others, we've had some problems where the xen host just randomly locks up, and all the VMs go down.  The only recourse is a forced reboot, and most time, it'll lock up during start, and we'll have to reboot a few times. 


All are similar hardware, SuperMicro X9 series, with 3ware RAID cards, and raid 10.  Some SSD, some SAS drives, some SATA.  I believe that most are Xeon E5-2600 V0, or V2's that have been locking up.  We did think one had bad CPU's, so replace it with a pair of new E5 2630 V4's, and its been fine since.


Looking through the logs after the fact seems unfruitful, since they are so verbose, and Im not sure what im looking for.  The NMS system doesn't show anything abnormal just before they go down either.


Any idea on where I could look to try tack these down? 




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With upgrades make sure your dom0 memory is sized according, especially if you run several VM's. 

Other than that I would blame hardware. It could be something unsupported, or it could just be 

drivers need upgraded or firmware updated to help out.  If your servers are from a specific vendor

you could do diagnostics testing with their provided tools, if not it becomes a little harder to 

track down. Looks like you did find some bad CPU's. That sort of thing is what I would suspect 

with random lockups.




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