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XenCenter 6.5 - License only has 22 days left ! PLEASE HELP!

chris katsaros


XenCenter 6.5 - License only has 22 days left ! PLEASE HELP!


Hello Citrix folks!


Our Citrix XenCenter 6.5 license is about to expire in 22 days and Citrix is not giving out anymore free licenses to download at https://activate.vmd.citrix.com/ 


In the past I would just hop on that site and download a new license file and apply via XenCenter 6.5 and voila good for another 3 months. Now Citrix has shut this free license service down and we only have 22 days left to find a fast solid solution to keep our production environment up and running.


We have experienced an outage in the past when the license does expire Citrix Users can not login to XenApp. This is a problem. We really do not want to be upgrading our XenServer to 7.xx at this time as we are in the middle of another major project. We have a limited staff & limited support. Is there any work around that we can implement to keep us up and running when the license does expire in 22 days on our XenCenter 6.5?


There are two VMs that run on XenServer 5.6; XenApp01 which allows logins from Citrix Program Neighborhood, and XenWeb1 which allows logins from the web-based portal. Both log users into Citrix XenApp 6.0 Platinum Edition.


(I was not the original creator of this farm and not sure as to why we even have a license that is expiring as I believe we are using the Platinum edition of XenApp 6.0 which was Paid for.)


Versions; XenCenter is version 6.5, XenServer 5.6, and XenApp 6.0 Platinum Edition. I know it's older software but this is what we have to work with at the moment.


IF there is anyone out there who has a work around for this issue please post -- you would be saving our IT Dept some serious grief!


Thank you in advance!


- Chris K

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Sounds like its your XenServer 5.6 that you are having to reapply temporary licenses to keep your XenApp VM's up and running.

You either need to upgrade to XenServer 7.6 (if you hardware can support it), or perhaps move to another platform.  Depending

on what you have you may need a license for XenServer.




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Hey Alan, Thanks for posting.


Yes, it is XenServer 5.6 that we continue to apply temp licenses too.


My plan was to upgrade to XenServer 7.6 (Free Edition) and hope it all comes back up & runs smoothly.


I was under the impression that if we do upgrade to XenServer 7.6 we won't need a license to run XenServer 7.6 since it is the Free Edition. And IF there is a license that is required is there anywhere I can go to download a temp license until we get situated?


I am not looking for a band-aid fix but until we get situated with our current situation this may be our best route. We are in the middle of a company-merger here so we are on hold with a few things.


Any thoughts?


- Chris

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At the end of March 2019 was the last opportunity to extend any licensing before XS 7.X and above. Your only options now are to license XS/Citrix Hypervisor, or run the latest free version and keep updating it as new versions are released.  XS 7.6 will still be supported for a while, now that 8.0 has just been released.



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Since its unsupported I don't think you can download a license that will work for XenServer and Citrix will 

demand you upgrade to a supported release. A Citrite just posted recently on another thread that you

can download a trial of XenDesktop (I think) and since it comes a combined XenServer license you can

use that for 30 days.  If this is a single server you can probably upgrade to the lastes CU relseas and run

free. Just keep in mind by doing so you are committing to always upgrade as new releases come out.  If

upgrades are a pain purchase a license and run 7.1 LTSR.




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Its not really an upgrade unless you went through multiple versions. The best thing to do is install clean since you are so far behind on versions.

There have been posts made since I last commended that if you install the XenDesktop trial to your license server XenServer will license unlimited.

That would be the way to go for now.




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