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GSLB Active Active with CSW

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I'm in the planning phase of a project and I have a doubt regarding GSLB Active Active Setup pointing to CSW.


Let's say I have 2 GSLB Sites in an Active Active topology and a GSLB VServer points to a CSW that in turn serves multiple LB


So to ilustrate same CSW different actions to different LB that has different Servers :

GSLB Site 1 > GSLB vServer > CSW1 > Action1 > LB1 > Server1
                                                                  Action2 > LB2 > Server2


GSLB Site 2 > GSLB vServer > CSW2 > Action3 > LB3 > Server3
                                                                  Action4 > LB4 > Server4


Here Server1 and 3 provides the same App and Server 2 and 4 another App

CSW1 and CSW2 are equivalent as are the actions


What happens when just the Server1 of the GSLB Site1 fails?

Is GSLB capable of identifying that LB1 in Site1 is down and in turn resolves to CSW2 IP to the GSLB Site2 flow, while keeping LB2 in the GSLB Site1?


Hope that's not too confusing...



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GSLB is based on DNS. So it is distributing  the traffic by pointing a dns name to an ip(VIP).

As the lb's on your case(you use content-switching) don't have ip's,  it will not direct traffic to another site.


You have 1 vip in each site and you have contnet-switching to different lb's.

GSLB is not aware of the lb's you content-switch to.








You could use backup lb's to direct traffic to the  other site when an lb is down.





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Thanks for replying, @Mihai Cziraki1709160741.


Your thoughts are aligned with mine then and that's how I understand it too.


So, If one LB behind the content switch is down in one site, in an Active-Active setup I would have "intermitent unavailability" of the service, because GSLB would still point to CSW which is still up. (Actually will never go down since CSW does not have a monitor? Except when you mark this https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX208818 and everything is down behind it.)


Now, I have thought of the possibility to configure the backup vserver, but as I see, I cannot point to a vserver in another Netscaler.

I would need to create another LB vServer in the same site which would have services pointing to the servers on the other site.

In turn I would need full comunications between the SNIP of one site to the other site's servers network.


Lame, but probably it's indeed the closest thing I have to a solution for what I need right now...

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