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Outlook 2016 roaming profile with XenApp 7.1811




I have setup a new Citrix environment currently serving 50 users and to be scaled upto 250 users in a month's time. The environment is running XenApp 7.1811 on Windows Server 2016 workloads, setup with roaming profile and Home drive for each user. These settings have been populated in the user's Active Directory properties in the "Remote Desktop Profiles" tab. Furthermore, Microsoft Office ADMX templates have been used in the GPO to create the user's .OST file in their Home drives instead of the usual Appdata/Local path.


Everything was working flawless up til we had just a single Workload Machine. Now that another server has been added to the delivery group, following issues have been discovered:

  1. The Home drive is not being mapped to the user session; tested using both Citrix and RDP. Moving the setting from "Remote Desktop Profiles" tab to "Profiles" tab solves the issue.
  2. When user logs on to the second server for the first time, they are prompted to reconfigure their outlook profile from scratch. Moreover, another .ost file is created in their home drive with (2).ost in the name. The existing one is not used. 


Currently we are not using Citrix UPM, just plain old roaming profiles. Can anyone suggest a solution to the Outlook problem such that the user's Outlook profile roams with them without needing to be reconfigured each time, and have a single .OST file generated and synced each time?


I have been researching and found the new Outlook Search Service Indexing and Roaming OST feature in Citrix UPM 7.18. Has anyone used this in production so far? Will it help with the Outlook profile reconfiguration issue as well? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


N. Ovais.

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