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CU3 upgrade on VDA bombs out just as desktop loads, via browser is fine.




I've upgraded 2 of our master images (Windows 2012R2) and deployed to 2 test VDAs and when I fire up workspace and logon it all loads until the desktop starts and then bombs out to my local desktop.


Via a browser is fine.


I think it is was this, but no joy:





Any help would be mostly appreciated.

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There are a lot of variables here that aren't defined. I'll give a few recommendations about where I would start looking, but I didn't have any issue upgrading from 7.15 CU1 or CU2 to CU3 in our environment. Did have issues with various versions of Receiver/Workspace App though.


Check version of Receiver/Workspace app and try different version.

Check Event viewer on VDA and Client machine.

Check for WER report on client machine for clues about the issue. Some of our issues were due to certificates that Receiver didn't handle correctly.

Check NetScaler policies if appropriate.

Check if connection can be made locally without going through the NetScaler, again if appropriate.

Is EDT involved? Can it be disabled on the client or the VDA?

Monitor the connection and make a note at what point the connection "bombs out". Is the session still active on the VDA?

Wireshark the connection process.

Completely uninstall the VDA software (VDACleanup utility) and install CU3 clean as there could be services that didn't get upgraded properly even though it says they did. 


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Look at the UPM log (C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\UserProfileManager\....log) and see if your policies are applying correctly. Part of my setup process is performing a GPUPDATE /FORCE at the end of the installation because the UPM policies are not applied correctly until that is run for some reason, and I get that message when the profiles aren't loading properly.

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