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Onedrive/Outlook and Fslogix - any good?

Andy White1709154166




I'm trying to get back on a project to give users better access to Onedrive in Citrix and see Fslogix is the way to go and is now owned by Microsoft, so I'm not sure what this means with regards to purchasing it, any one using it and know about the pricing?


Also we use Outlook (again O365) in Citrix and it works better in cache mode, but this will bloat the users UPM profile, how do you get round this?



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FSLogix Apps Suite is now free of charge as long as you have RDS CALs, Microsoft 365 E3/E5 licenses you should be good. 


I would recommend going with FSLogix Profile Container for the entire profile in combination with FSLogix Office 365 Container for the Offic 365 related data.


You can download FSLogix Apps Suite from support.fslogix.com it requires a valid username and password to be able to get the software.

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