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Citrix MetaFrame Client and Citrix Receiver on the same computer

Amir Danigur



I need to connect to multiple customers with Citrix, for most customers I need to have Citrix Receiver installed, but some customers are still using old Citrix of 'Citrix MetaFramce' and require to have an old version of Citrix ICA client known as 'Citrix Presentation Server Client' with 'custom ICA connection' component,


I have tried to follow the instructions in https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX127392 to create a custom .ica file and use it with Citrix Receiver, but from an unknown reason when using it the connection is very very very slow (when typing a letter I see the outcome in the citrix session after ~1 minute), I suspect maybe because the version of their Citrix is very old and not supported with the current Citrix Receiver, seems like compatibility  with old versions is not working well,


The problem is that the installation of Citrix Receiver is asking to remove the old version of the 'Citrix Presentation Server Client', so I'm unable to have them both installed on the same computer, and I need to uninstall / reinstall the version I need to use based on the customer I need to connect to,


What could be done to allow me to have both installations on the same computer, or maybe to ensure that I will be able to connect properly with Citrix Receiver to the old Citrix MetaFrame servers of the customers? 


Note: I prefer not to have virtual PC installed,



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"Note: I prefer not to have virtual PC installed, "


You blew away my suggestion with this comment.  With Windows 10 on your client, using Hyper-v to create a VM is simple enough, not sure why you wouldn't want to go that route.  I've not seen anyone requiring the older MetaFrame components in a very long time, so have no further suggestions.

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