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Storefront Account List - Receiver issue

Andreas Drobeck


Hi guys,


did someone else test/use the "Storefront Account List" policy ?


We configured our normal store on 1. place and our netscaler gateway URL on 2. place (for external users).

In general the configuration works in both ways but unfortunately at first "rollout" of the policy, the Receiver Login pops up for the Gateway URL and not for the 1. store.

If we cancel the login or close the Receiver, the correct store1 login appears...


We also tried to configure the Gateway URL on 1. place but that case is not possible because we certainly want to use the internal store for most of our users.

Tested with Xen 7.15CU3 and Receiver 4.9.6 (same problem with newer versions)


May someone help us with this issue ?


Thanks & br

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56 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

If you only have one store, then only configure one store in the policy. Receiver will download a provisioning file for the store, which contains Gateway information. If Receiver cannot connect to the Internal Beacon, then Receiver will use the Gateway instead of the StoreFront URL.

Hi Carl,


thanks for your reply.

In our case we want to implement the Gateway URL for external users without VPN.

Atm the beacon settings are erased if the receiver is reseted... therefore we wanted to implement this connection via Storefront Account List.
If the first entry isn't reachable the 2. entry will be connected. It is working pretty good but not in at the first receiver start as described above.


Thanks & br

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