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Virtual Server "No Bootable Device" - Corrupted?

Joshua Lindemann


We had a few issues with networking/power recently.  I'm uncertain if it was an issue where our SQL server's VM runs on the physical device while it's VDI runs off network storage and these problems broke it in between.


During these issues we restarted the SQL server, and since then it wouldn't come back up giving the error 'no bootable device'.  (see attached)


I've been researching and haven't really come up with a concrete answer.


- The drive sizes keep coming up correctly.

- I've attempted to move them to another VM and the drive is recognized, but you can't read the data (says it needs to format the drive)

- I recreated a VM, and reattached the drives with the same scenario.


the virtual machine runs on the server.  The virtual disks are run on network storage.


Is there any way to repair the virtual disks?


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