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Netscaler Unified Gateway (Too Many Redirects)

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I am working on a project with Netscaler were I am employing Unified Gateway. This all works perfectly except for a Bookmark that directs users to an external Help Desk URL.


When I test the Bookmark, it eventually gives back the message:




Basically, we have an external Help Desk page, but we have an internal web page that checks the user's sign-in credentials via IIS.


When a user accesses the URL:




It checks the Users AD Credentials, then redirects the user to the external page:




This only works internally on our network, if a user tried this externally they would get a 404 Error. However, using the Unified Gateway we figured we could now offer this up externally by having users log into the UG and use the Bookmark.


The only problem is, we get the Too Many Redirects error!


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve this?

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So the bookmark you have published is http://help.myinternaldomain.com/SWAuth ? 

I believe post login this site is supposed to redirect you to https://help.myexternaldomain.com/portal


The too many redirects issue is seen when accessing the internal site or post login to the internal site ?

Is SAML auth in place between the internal and external site ?

Can you take a fiddler and see between which two URLs the browser is bouncing between 



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