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Display Scaling / Resolution Issues In Windows 10

Yogesh Varsani


Hi All,


An long standing issue within our organisation at the moment, and only came about when we migrated to Windows 10 virtual machines. To summarise, if we launch a brand new Citrix xendesktop from a laptop, and then "take over" that launched session from a desktop, we find that the scaling within the virtual machine is changed to 125%. See images below. Its as if Windows is taking over and setting the scaling that it thinks should be the "recommended" whereas we do not want that. We want Windows to retain the scaling at 100%, it should not be trying to resize the scaling.


This also occurs for some of our users who use a Macbook pro. If they launch a brand new session from a MAcbook pro, then take over that session from a desktop pc inside the office, the scaling is changed. The user (or IT) then have to manually go into Settings > Display and drag the slider back down to 100%. I have been in touch with Citrix support but we just keep going round in circles and all i want is a clear solution or clear explanation of why this happens on some devices but not others.


If i obtain a different laptop model and launch a session on that, then take over that session on a desktop, the scaling remains at 100% which is how it should be. 


I have already played aroudn with the DPI settings in the Citrix workspace app but this has made no difference, I'm convinced the issue is stemming from the virtual machine itself rather than the client machines.


Anybody had any similar issue or suggestion on what we can do to force the scaling to remain at 100%




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Hi both,


Afraid not. Gave up in the end.


We eventually upgrade our operating system from Win10 1607 to Win10 1809 and made some other changes such as updating the VDA etc. Since then we no longer get the issue. Its difficult to say what fixed it as we not only changed the OS build but various other applications too.

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