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Multiple Languages and control panel items

Olly Thompson1709156630


I have an issue whereby i am using multiple languages on Server 2012R2 systems. The language is determined and applied by WEM registry assignments dependent on user group membership.


The issue i have is that the Control Panel items i am allowing (Mouse, Keyboard etc) are now not given the same names and so any other language than English is only showing "Mail" in the control panel.


Has anyone had the same issue? I'm interested to know how it was worked around.


Possibly something for Citrix to look at adding?

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Thanks for coming back to me guys. I'm using multiple languages which are applied via WEM based on AD group membership conditions. So far i have only tested French and Spanish (but also using Japanese, Romanian, Russian and German). This works by setting the following registry key at logon:


Key: Control Panel\Desktop

Value: PreferredUILanguage


Data: fr-FR (French for an example)


Within WEM, under Policies and Profiles > Environmental Settings > Control Panel, i have it locked down to the usual:

Devices and Printers








When logging in to an English system, everything is there as expected. Any other and only "Mail" is shown (I presume because mlcfg32.cpl is the same in all languages). I've tested again for the screenshot and it looks as though Sound also applies correctly for the German language




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