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ADM System Backup - External Transfer only works once

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System: Citrix ADM version 12.1 Build 50.28 on vSphere 6.5

ADM is configured to create backups of ADM and all instances. Backups are transfered to a remote system using the "External Transfer" feature. This works well for the backups of all instances. However, the transfer of ADM backup files works only once. The backups are created locally, they are just not being transfered anymore.  The ADM System  Backup Settings for External Transfer are lost (see image).  When the external transfer settings are configured again the remote transfer is succesful once and then the same problem appears, so no more external transfer of backup files, settings in ADM are lost.

I'm assuming this is not expected behaviour since I cannot find any reference to this issue in the ADM documentation. Has anyone any clue as to what's happening here?

Note: I'm experiencing the same issue on 2 separate ADM instances (1x production enviroment, 1x test environment),.


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