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XenApp 7.15 LTSR: Creating servers manually or with MCS?

Roland Bischoff


Hi there,


we are planning an environment with about two dozen servers that are intended to deploy applications, such as Microsoft Office.

We don't know if we should create the servers manually or with the help of MCS.


So far we have XenApp 6.5 in use. We made the servers manually.


We take a critical view of two points:
1. We would like to be able to migrate the servers in the XenCenter.
2. We use Symantec Endpoint Protection. The signatures are updated every four hours.


As far as we can see, there are these advantages and disadvantages:


MCS - Advantages
- Servers can be easily created
- Servers can be easily added

MCS - Disadvantages
- Servers in XenCenter cannot be migrated to another hardware server
- Because MCS-created servers are non-persistent, we have to enter the virus signatures in the master image manually and we have to start updating the servers from time to time.


Manually created servers - Advantages
- We can migrate the servers in the XenCenter
- Virus signatures are automatically updated every four hours on all servers

Manually created servers - Disadvantages
- It is more complex to create and maintain servers, even if we work with templates.


Does anyone have a good practice on this subject?


We have these two questions in particular:
1. Is there a way to automatically update Symantec Endpoint Protection on MCS-created servers - at least daily?
2. What do you do with your MCS-created servers if the hardware server needs to be shut down during working hours?


Regards, Roland


Hardware: HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10
Hypervisor: XenServer 7.1.1
Server OS: Windows Server 2016
VDI: XenApp and XenDEsktop 7.15 LTSR CU3

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Also worth making sure you seal your images appropriately (I use BIS-F) to make sure your ID's are catered for from a symantec standpoint and the base is prepared appropriately


Your definitions will just redownload after each machine wipe - this will obviously grow in size and scale the longer your base image is out of whack

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