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Full User Layer on Server 2016 still not supported?

Torgeir Front Dahle




I have been trying to get the User Layer working on a server 2016 1709 image / Virtual apps and desktops , non-persistant setup last couple of days but no luck.
First logon, creation and mount is OK but from there on we get various errors, "system was not shutdown properly" etc. This is an MCS setup so we need to reboot from Studio to "reset" once rebooted the user is able to mount his User Layer again.

I am certain that I have read in a release note for one of the recent releases that full user layer is supported on 2016 Session hosts but when I google it now I can`t seem to find anything about it.  

If the full User Layer feature is not yet supported on server 2016/ session hosts then I wonder if anyone here has any information about when we might have it?







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