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Citrix XenApp on Vsphere VM- Need DirectX enabled

David Cotos


Hello All, I am a Citrix newb so my apologies ahead of time  :)


We have a graphics intensive program that needs to be made available via Citrix. I was told to make sure DirectX was enabled. Using Citrix Studio how can I verify if DirectX is enabled? I guess I could just install the app and publish it and see what happens but I'd rather be prepared ahead of time and know what I'm getting into. I was told we are using MCS and not PVS.


Can someone guide me in the right direction? Is there a way to do this for a single/specific group of users or is this across the board?

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Hi, Are you just going to have this as a published app via the Receiver/Workspace or will you be launching it from within a XenApp/XenDesktop desktop?


Basic things you can do to check is from the desktop that will be delivering the app load a CMD window and type in DXDIAG. It should do some tests and bring back basic DirectX info for that machine including version & display driver using it etc etc. 

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