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Secure Mail under Chrome OS or Android running under ChromeOS ?

Jeff Kohut


Trying to figure out IF something is possible and if not, why not.

I have a Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 with latest available Chrome OS and with Android running under the Chrome OS.

I would like to use  Secure Hub and Secure Mail

on that Chromebook (either running natively under Chrome OS OR running in Android that runs under Chrome OS) to get company Mail, Contacts, etc..

However, even though the Secure Hub will install and seems to work, when I launch Secure Mail, it gives me the "This device does not support encryption features required by the application"

message and so I cannot use Secure Mail.

I have had the same issue on certain pure Android Devices, even though they had encryption turned on at the OS/device level.

It seems to me that Citrix is missing out on a lot of potential customers, who cannot use devices due to this encryption problem.

Is there not some way of installing some application under Android/Chrome OS, that could then supply the required encryption on devices where Citrix cannot either correctly detect built in device encryption correctly, or where it might not exist ?

Would love to use my Chromebook with it's keyboard to work with my remote mail, but am stuck using my phone and it's tiny keyboard. As Google moves more and more toward ChromeOS (and away from Android Tablets), this problem is only going to get worse.

If there is a solution that I am missing and someone can let me know what that is, it would be great.

If there is no solution, then it seems like Citrix is missing a BIG piece of functionality that could make their product significantly more useful.




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