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General error when trying to launch desktop

Glenn Deltour1709154181




I'm having trouble launching apps/desktops with the citrix workspace app in android.


I'm connecting to a windows 10 virtual desktop within a citrix 1903 environment.

Connections are made through a Netscaler VPX ns12.1 50.28.nc.


The authentication and session policies seem fine as they work with the other apps ( tested with citrix workspace for windows desktops and apple iphones).

Adding the account and logging in works fine, I only get the error when I try to launch an application...



I found the following KB article (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX219073) and allready disabled both EdgeSight Monitoring (HTML Injection) and appflow logging...

I also found some forum posts pointing to the certificate configuration but have added the certificate chain links in the netscaler configuration so that should also be correct.


I extracted the logs of the workspace app but I am none the wiser with them...


If anyone has any tips or could steer me in the right direction? I have attached the logs of the android if this helps...


Thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,



sectigo certificate chain.png

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