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Greatly Extended Logon Times - Unsure if Profile is to Blame.

Jason Lloyd1709154405


Some of my users are experiencing very long logon times.  I know some of it is due to profile size, and we are working with them on that, but there's something else at play, and I don't know where to look.  Our entire Environment is on 7.15-7.18.  Users are logging in from Linux-based thin clients, and the Citrix Workspace App version is installed.  We have load balancing in place, and the XenApp servers boot off of a "Golden Image" every night.  I have exported the logon duration table to browse, and have a few questions.


1 - For instance, I have 2 users that are in the same building, using the same model thin client, logging in to the XenApp servers.  They logged in within 5-10 minutes of each other.  Both have roughly the same Citrix Profile Size (Within about 50mb), yet the logon time for 1 is three times of the other one.  Outside of profile size, I'm not sure what else to look at and compare.


2 - In the logon duration page in the Citrix Director, there are many fields.  There are various timing fields such as GPO, Profile Load, Interactive Sessions, etc.  Adding up all of those times doesn't even come remotely close to the Total time.  Where does all that extra time come from for the logons?  The longest "Profile Load" time from the last 24 hours of logons is less than 6 seconds, but the longest total login is a tad over 300 seconds.

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Hello Jason,


I know the reply is pretty late and you might well have addressed this issue by now.

Answering the 2nd question first:
- Citrix director relies on couple of events logged on the VDA to track the logon time, so the number displayed in Director for logon is usually high as compared to the actual login time experienced by the end user. For more details on this you can refer to:

And for your first question, 2 users with same profile size taking different login times is very much possible. 
What really matters is what is saved in the profile? One user may have 1 file of 30Mb in his profile where as the other one may have 2000 files with combined size of 30Mb (later would face slow logon).

What you can do:
- Try enabling profile streaming 
- If above does not work, try adding Appdata Roaming from user profile to exclusion list (purely for testing), if this works then we are sure something stored in Roaming folder is causing delay. I have personally seen browser data causing the slowness which is stored in AppData Roaming.

Let me know if it helps.



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