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why is "show tm trafficPolicy -format" empty?

Peter Erler

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I use Netscaler CLI to get information about my trafficPolicy tp_single-logout.

> show tm trafficPolicy tp_single-logout
        Name: tp_single-logout
        Rule: HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.CONTAINS("/cgi/logout")
        Action: ta_single-logout
        Hits: 1

        Policy is bound to following LB SERVERS
1)      Bound to: REQ VSERVER lb_vt3cms02_auth_www.vdvt.at
        Priority: 100



But if I want to see the output in INPUT-format the output is empty.

> show tm trafficPolicy tp_single-logout -format INPUT


Is something wrong or is it a bug?





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-format input just gives you the actual input command, correct?  (I haven't used the -format options in so long, I forget they are there.)


Try alternate command:

show ns runningconfig | grep trafficpolicy -i

show ns runningconfig | grep <policyname> -i


Also, do the following to see if it even accepts all the expected -input commands (not always in the help for all objects; so this may not confirm anything)

help show tm trafficpolicy

show tm trafficpolicy <policyname> -format ?


It might just be a bug with the old style -format input commands choking on the advanced policy engine on a few objects that were classic engine only at one time (or maybe it breaks on all advanced policy expressions).  

I've seen not all -format options exist on all objects. Whether that is intentional or a bug, I can't say.



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