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Control/Omit Configuration Logging on XA7 with PowerShell

Donald Donovan




I am working with the XenApp PowerShell-Module right now and I have two Questions regarding the configuration-logging functionality ...


  • Control/Omit Configuration Logging with PowerShell:
    For example I did send out a message with a command like this:
    Get-BrokerSession -MachineName $TargetMachineName | Send-BrokerSessionMessage -MessageStyle Exclamation -Title "My Title" -Text "My Message"
    I will make use of this quite often in a big domain. As I see the system logs every single message to every single session.
    My test Looks like this:


    Do I have any influence on this? Can I omit the logging of the Cmdlet or something like that?

  • Difference in logging with different users:
    I did set the maintenance-mode on a VDA with PowerShell. Once I did with my personal user and once with a special user with restricted permissions.
    The line in the configuration log is different?

    My user:

    Special user:

    What's wrong?



Thank you!

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