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How to import PVS target devices into Citrix Site with Powershell to make use of them within machine catalogs

Piotr Ostrowski


Everything works when it is done within Studio, manually, but the goal is to have this scripted within powershell.


Maybe it is really easy, but unfortunatelly I can not find an answer....

There is a PVS Machine Catalog, I'm trying to add machines there. There is a hosting connectivity. There are already Target Devices, and their domain accounts.


I've stuck with finding a way / commandlet which are importing the target devices from the PVS server (which is emulating this particular operation).




So the question is how to import the target devices from the PVS server. or how to find out what are the commandlets / magic used by this mmc to make this happen ?

Machines are power managed, and it is throwing an error that they can not be added to machine catalog within the following command


It seems there has to be something which is run upfront the following command:


New-BrokerMachine -MachineName $testTargetDevice `
                  -CatalogUid (Get-BrokerCatalog -Name $brokerCatalog['Name']).Uid `
                  -HypervisorConnectionUid (Get-BrokerHypervisorConnection).Uid `
                  -HostedMachineId (Get-BrokerMachine -MachineName $testTargetDevice).HostedMachineId `


Does anybody have any idea ?

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