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Access network drives outside of Workspace application?

Jake Collins1709160428


Hi guys, 


Had a search and this seems a fairly common question but often with slightly different caveats, so apologies for the repeated content. It's a little convoluted, so I'll try to be as clear as possible.


We have one user who roams around a lot. He's using Citrix reasonably happily but a big part of his job is drag and dropping e-mails from a network drive directly into his e-mail (he can of course attach files from Outlook but it's a little slower this way for him). He used to use Dell SonicWall VPN so would have his network drives available in WIndows Explorer to then drag directly into Outlook. I know it's suggested not to publish explorer.exe as an application, so I followed the suggestions and have Chrome published as a means of browsing the network share, which works fine. However you can't drag and drop into Outlook from this. 


What we'd love to do, is get it so that his network drives are mapped on his local Windows Explorer via his Citrix connection (if possible). Seems like it can be done with the latest WEM release (I've been frantically Googling things I don't understand well enough for a couple of days now...) but we don't have WEM setup. 


Is there a way of achieving this? Even just an alternate way of browsing a share that enables him to copy multiple files into Outlook would be great


Thanks all - sorry if that post sounds a little all over the place, let me know if you need me to answer anything and I'll reply as quickly as I can 

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