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Remove Controller with SQLExpress


Hi guys.


I built an XA 18.11 site, with one Controller and using SQLExpress. We'll be migrating it to an SQL Cluster shortly.


I've since added 2 more controllers, and would like to remove the original controller that is also holding the SQLExpress database. 


Is this OK to do, prior to migrating it to the SQL Cluster? The 2 new dedicated controllers are working fine- but I'd like to make this migration as clean as possible, hence removing the controller that is also the SQLExpress db. Going forward, it will only be a VDA. 


Or, should we wait until SQLExpress has been migrated to the cluster, and then remove that controller?


Hopefully that made sense.

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Hello Cameron,


You are migrating from SQL Express to SQL Cluster and recently you added 2 delivery controllers and you want to remove the older 1 delivery controller with SQL express Database.

There are two options:

1)Remove the older delivery controller with SQL Express Database after you have migrated to the new SQL cluster. After migrating, add the two new controllers and then remove the first controller from the site. 

2)Else, you can add both the delivery controllers in the existing SQL Express database and then migrate the whole environment to SQL cluster. After migrating, delete the first delivery controller as you want to.

Because if you remove the only existing controller in the old database, there will be no Citrix site present.

You can follow this article on how to remove the controller from site : https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenapp-and-xendesktop/7-6-long-term-service-release/xad-controller-intro/xad-controller-change.html


Hope this helps.



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