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Connection drops in Netscaler Plugin for Full VPN

Davey Huntjens

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We are using Netscaler for a while now for 2 reasons:


1 Access to Storefront outside of our company

2 SSL VPN connection for domain joined Windows 10 laptops with Split tunnel Off, IIP enabled and Always On enabled.


For a few months now, started with upgrading our Windows 10 laptops to 1709 version and now 1803 version our users report issues with connectivity. They are able to connect to Netscaler, but not all resources are responding or are very slow. We performed extensive troubleshooting (with and without Citrix Support) and saw that not alle packets are going to the ADC which lead us to believe it is a client issue. We performed analysis with Riverbed Appresponse and this also confirmed the issue is with the Netscaler Plugin. After delivering numerous logs to Citrix support, the Dev team also concluded the issue is packet drops between the plugin and the Netscaler drivers on the client. Citrix support has no idea what could be causing it however.


I am curious if there is anyone with similar problems or perhaps a clue what could be causing it. We installed a clean Windows 10 image with only Netscaler plugin (version 12.0 and 12.1 versions) but still see the same issue. Also updating to Windows version 1809 made no difference.





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For us the issue had 2 causes:


1 We had an application on our laptops that queried Active Directory after it connected to the network. After we disabled this application (it was written quite some time ago by an ICT worker in our company) one of these caused was found.

2 We upgraded to Netscaler backend and more importantly plugin version (I don't think this specific version is still available and we are looking for upgrading to a newer version). With this version all of our issues were solved and we were able to get a good, stable and pretty fast connection.


My suggestion would be to upgrade to at least this version.

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