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How to fix that Issure in Citrix Studio?

Rainer Grässle


Hello first of all i am no Citrix pro. Perhaps i am wrong here but, can someone help me please? 


We do share some Apps. So the Mashinecatalog was updated like i did some times in the past. 

But then last Week the job did not end.. it runs and runs and runs.. but nothing helps. 

No Reboot, what ever i did same Situation.  I get no permission access back to delete rename what ever. 


I did create a 2nd catalog create new VMs with a new Snap as MT that works fine. But still.. the 

Catalog in the Middle wont change a thing.. 


What is the need to fix that Problem? I need help. 



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Are you just wanting to stop the stuck task so you can delete the catalog? or are you wanting to stop the stuck task and try to fix the catalog problems?


If your just wanting to stop the stuck task try these commands through Studio PowerShell:


1) 'Get-provtask -active $true'   .....make sure this brings back the stuck task in the results and best not to run this whilst your doing any other updating/deleting in Studio.


2) If the results show the task your wanting to stop then run 'Get-provtask -active $true | stop-provtask' 


If this runs successfully then go back to the Machine Catalog page and it should not longer be stuck. 


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