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Windows Server 2016 as Desktop Microsoft license



I don't understand the Microsoft licensing for Windows Server 2016 as Desktop VDI. 


In my scenario I have Windows Server 2016 Datacenter license for the platfform (Delivery Controllers, Storefront,... ). I have to deploy 100 desktops with Windows 2016 Server with look and feeling Windows 10.  For each server there will be only one connection.


When I installed the VDA for Server, the RDS role is installed in the master machine but... is it necessary? Do I need a TS_CAL license for each conection, that is, for each user, if for each server there will be only one connection?


Do I have to install as server VDI?

I found this over Server VDI: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/install-configure/server-vdi.html


In this post, the RDS role  is deleted and no aditional Microsoft license is installed... but in this case, Am I complying with the Microsoft licensing?


Thanks in advanced.



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You can use the windows server 2016 for VDI as it gives the features to looks like desktop operating system.


Also do not need to be worried about Cal licensing for that you need to ensure that restriction single session is enabled on server.


Follow the below steps to configure the Single Session thru registry.

Navigate to registry to configure the terminal server settings.



DWORD fSingleSessionPerUser = 1




System Admin - Apps4Rent

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Server vdi is there for for your use case / server as a desktop effectively - has some benefits for big providers that want to provide "vdi" but can't provide desktop OS....


As for licencing for your specific case - you would need to be covered to handle your server footprint, no rds requirement just server - as long as that's covered I believe you are set (worth checking with MS though as there may be other CALs required - licencing is a dark art) 

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