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How to make a rule when the http response is timeout or negative response?

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Need to make a rule if any time out or negative response from http server.  Want to make netscaler to  consider that server is down and route the request to another server. but periodically netscaler should trigger the http server which was marked as down and start send the response after some retry period..  


It is a concept in WebSphere plugin like ServerIOTimeout and RetryInterval.  if there is no response within some time period, I want to consider that http service as down until the retryinterval to send a next request. when the timeout happens.. the request should route to another http service.. Is it possible to do in Netscaler load balancer? if so, I need help on that by referring the link..



Thank you so much..



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What monitor are you using on your load balancing service?

Monitors should help you probe your destination services and detect up/down states, re-try intervals, and down-state intervals.

The default monitor is ping-default or tcp-default, but you can bind HTTP (response code header validation) or HTTP-ECV (response body check).


Properly monitoring your services and then possibly relying lb vservers with backup lb vservers may help you address your problem.


show service <servicename>



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