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Workspace issue Mac


Hi folks,


We have recently rolled out Citrix to deliver an application developed in house.  Previously we had been using standard RDP.  We moved to citrix to take advantage of the options/configurations/performance etc... 


With the rollout, Windows 10 machines seem to be working very well.  We have one issue with application windows launching behind, but we are working on that...


The issue I am looking for support with here, is Macs...  I have users running everything from Citrix Receiver 12.9 through Workspace 19.3.  Depending on the machine, I have a host of different issues...  Some I have been able to solve.  Most that I cannot are just oddities with Video.  With Windows 10 in our environment, we pretty often have to update the two exe's with the DPI scaling options.  But on Mac, I don't seem to have those options.  


Some specific issues:


-After resizing or maximizing, the application move off screen in a couple of case.  It is still there, still running, but launches off the visible real estate of the screen.

-In one case, when a user drags a screen from the application to a different desktop, it basically creates a loop of screens toggling from one to the other over and over... Have to shutoff machine to stop.

-a couple of users with multiple screens, certain screens they cannot move the application to at all(i am assuming some sort of resolution/dpi issue)


Can anyone offer any ideas about or option as to how to fine tune the mac workspace/receiver similar to how I would for my windows users?


Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions!



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