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Storefront 3.12 Loading custom header + Footer from URL concurrently?

Felix Onyango

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My question: Can some help with modifying the code below so that I am able to load both header and footer from a text file stored on the server?  Based on the post below, it appears that I need to use the API to load the text in order for the custom header\Footer to show up in both receiver and web instances of storefront.

Is it possible to call CTXS.ExtensionAPI.proxyRequest() and load two different URLs? Maybe call it twice? 


customweb/footer.txt -> Stores footer message

customweb/header.txt -> Stores header message




/**Code that I am currently using to load custom footer message

This works fine. How can I call the same code to load the header ? **/


function setDynamicContent(txtFile, element) {
      url: "customweb/"+txtFile,
      success: function(txt) {$(element).html(txt);}});

var fetchedContent=false;
function doFetchContent(callback)
  if(!fetchedContent) {
    fetchedContent = true;
    setDynamicContent("footer.txt", "#customBottom");

CTXS.Extensions.beforeDisplayHomeScreen = doFetchContent;

visible_header_and _footer.PNG

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