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PVS Lock & Image Update

John Francis1709160537


i have 2 questions


1. Why does it get locked all the time? How can this issue be resolved. Whenever VMs are booted I see that the VDISK has a lock. How can you update the VMs during production if this keeps locking. I had to shutdown all the machines to release the locks. It would not release the lock otherwise. The purpose of having PVS is to update the image and push it to the virtual machines. 

2. My second question is that I want to know whether I am doing it right. I use one of the virtual machine and put it in maintenace mode and install or update the patches and then boot it in TEST or PRODUCTION to push it to the other machines. Is this correct what I am doing? or should I use the master image that I built for updating. I have shut it down completely.  I am little confused about this

Manage Locks PVS.PNG

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