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Installed Software on D drive and does not get updated to other images

John Francis1709160537


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9 minutes ago, Mirco Spences said:

Have you followed this steps https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX226174 ?

Hi MicroSpenc


This does not help with the installation on D drive and updating the image. I updated the vdisk by installing a new software on D drive. I wanted this to propagate to all the machines. But, it has not. So, I am not sure whether we can even install anything on D drive to be pushed to other machines.

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15 minutes ago, Diego Oliveira said:

Do you normally build PCs with multiple partitions?  PvS might have difficulty with a d drive.

It looks like they do here in my new company. But will the users be able to install their own software's on D drive? As, we need a lot of programs to be installed for developers so I am wondering if we have to increase the size of our C partition tremendously and how that would affect the storage.

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