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Setting up routing for multiple DMZ VLANS

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I originally had a single VLAN for DMZ, but have recently added a second DMZ for development.

The default route is set to the gateway of the original DMZ as

Then there is also a direct route for that subnet as to the SNIP


so far I have added the following...

Added a Traffic Domain 2

Added the dev DMZ VLAN in TD2 and has IP Binding to SNIP
Added a direct route for to the SNIP in TD2


I think I need a static route to the gateway of the dev DMZ of, but I read where having two default routes can cause problems, so I'm a bit hesitant to move forward.

So my question is...how do I setup proper routing to this second DMZ, as right now I cannot ping or hit the VIPs created in the new VLAN?

Wireshark shows Netscaler receiving and acknowledging, but the client doesn't receive the ACK


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