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VDA 1903.1 commandline with MDT fails

MArkus Wehr




I install the VDA with MDT. This worked until version 1903.

BCR_x64.msi now fails.


>>Product: Citrix Browser Content Redirection -- Error 1920. Service 'Citrix HDX Browser Redirection Service' (CtxBrowserSvc) failed to start.  Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.<<


It works when I run the same commandline manually from same user (local administrator).

The problem seems to relate to the way MDT task sequenc calls the commandline.

Any ideas?


best regards


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Hi Manoj,


here is the complete msi log file.


The XenDesktop Installation fails with errorcode 4 (error and reboot needed).

Form the Xendestop LogFile: "Citrix Browser Content Redirection konnte nicht installiert werden, mit internem Fehlercode 1920, fehlgeschlagene Aktion war 'StartServices'" - Error 1920 with StartServices.


I install Vc++ Redistributables 2013 and 2017 x86 and x64 in the step before  - then reboot- and afterwards run the VDA command line install.


best regards







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Thanks Markus for providing the log file.


I am investigating a similar issue. Can you please see if the steps in the below discussions, fix install issue?






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Thank you Manoj,

ok I will see what I can do. If I compare my 1808 and 1903 installs i see these two differences:  1903 uses bcr.msi 1808 not.  1808 does not use "NT Autorität" for the service.


However my MDT task sequence does not sucessfully run the VDA command line install instead a manual call of the same command returns succesfully installing the service with the "NT Autorität" as shown in the picture.

My Workaround Idea: Try to install the VDA 1903 without bcr.msi and afterwards the msi from a commandline.  Ive had problems with one  warpped installer (paint.NET) before leading to the workaround to call from local administrator - autostart.


best regards



the image without print manager service = 1808 the other one = 1903




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