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WEM and pinning to Start Menu - not working

Nick Clarkson1709160891


I've got a new 2016 Server image with just Office 2016 installed (using App Layering). I've implemented WEM primarily to move the many GPPs in the customer's current environment to try and speed up the logon process and to remove the slow/clunky Receiver enumeration into the Start Menu. All seems to be working apart from pinning icons to the Start Menu. It just refuses to do it. All I get in the agent log is:


Event Type: Exception

Method Name: VuemApplicationExecutor.DoPinToStartMenu()

Event Details: Application -> Microsoft Outlook 2016 (Id:384) -> Error while Pinning Shortcut to Start Menu... (repeat for any pinned app)


Yet, I (i.e. my test user), despite this, can pin icons to the Start Menu fine. And then I log off and back on, and the pinned icons are there. I can also set apps to pin to Taskbar, Desktop and even Autloaunch if I want, and that all works. Just pinning to the Start Menu that refuses to play ball.


I'm not using a Start layout, but I would like to as they want the desktop to look/feel as close to their Windows 10 build as possible. So my plan was to use a custom partial locked down layout and then use WEM to populate/pin apps. However, the issue with the layout is for another day. For now if I can get WEM to pin the d**n icons I could go with that.


Anyone experiencing the same? any ideas?






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Hi James - I was beginning to reach that conclusion as well :/ I might raise a case with Citrix...not that it'll do any good of course, but we had them in yesterday trying to sell us more stuff, so I might raise it just to be a pain :)


I've seen those Citrix links; however, I usually look elsewhere for the "proper" methods. Like that James someone-or-other :)


Thanks for confirming anyway.



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:-) there is no harm in logging, more we annoy the more action we hopefully get on it - I'm hoping there is some alternate or nicer options on the way....


I know Microsoft are changing the start menu process entirely, but it's in Windows 10 which doesn't help us much


I've also seen a few powershell scripts around using the "pin" verb methodology but I haven't toyed with it much more than to remove tiles that are left hanging around  


Good luck mate 

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"I know Microsoft are changing the start menu process entirely"...Noooooo!! Not again?


I've just been searching for similar scripts; I think that's possibly the option I'd go for if I can find/mangle one that works. Let WEM populate the "flat" Start Menu and see if I can find a script to pin a few icons. I'll post back if I find anything that works for my situation. I'm trying to avoid not using WEM tbh; I like the way it handles the Receiver Start Menu shortcuts, rather than the clunky local shortcuts method - the customer is staying on 7.15 LTSR for now so I can't use the vprefer method.


Cheers...I may need that luck.

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I like wem in place of receiver, much nicer... Wrote a little spiel here about it



The script I used was a basic one which made up part of this post 



I think (from memory) it was loosely based off this technique 


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FYI. I raised this with Citrix to see if I can get an answer at least. Things I had tried:

1. WEM pin to Start Menu - doesn't pin to Start Menu; does pin same icons to Desktop and/or Taskbar OK.

2. Custom Start Menu layout (tried GPO and copying file to Default user Shell folder) - layout does not apply when WEM agent runs. Removing the broker FQDN from the server GPO (i.e. disabling WEM) and the layout applies.

3. WEM external task (Powershell script) to pin icons, Script runs, but I think because External Tasks are processed before the Applications, it seems that WEM 'wipes out' anything the script does with pinning icons. Well, that's what I'm guessing. I can manually run the script after logging on and it does pin the icons.


Whilst on the call with Citrix I mentioned I'd seen https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX225233, which I'm sure I'd tried, but I think I went round in circles many times trying to get this to work. Well, we tried it, and it turns out setting the Agent Extra Launch Delay to 10000 milliseconds as per the article does seem to sort the Start Menu icons pinning. Not sure what the issue is, except it's definitely WEM-related.


However, I'm not happy with that as a solution as that adds 10 seconds to every logon...which negates the whole premise of us going with WEM; to reduce logon times. So I've done a run once external task (i.e. WEM PowerShell script) with the 10 second delay specified there, which then pins some icons to the Start Menu (Office apps and  Skype for now). After that initial logon/profile creation it's then up to the user to pin/unpin as they want. I can live with a single 10 second delay at the first logon. I'd still rather do it *properly* with XML so I can name the icon groups, but I'll live with this.


I can attach the script if anyone wants it, but essentially it's the appuals script but I'm pinning individual icons on separate lines for Outlook, Word, Skype etc..


Onto the next WEM missing/non-working feature (but the option is still there)...REG_BINARY :/

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