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Ubuntu 18.04.2 - NSGClient - Failed to set NDIS config

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Are someone else getting trouble with NSGClient on Ubuntu 18.04.2? 


It works fine with WiFi-Interface but can't start if connected to ethernet port.


ns_vpn_va_svc_response: server returned : success to store routes
2019-4-17 14:48:16.170 | VERBOSE |             =============Routing Table Start=============
2019-4-17 14:48:16.170 | VERBOSE | IfIndex     Destination         Gateway GenMask  Metric      Source Interface
2019-4-17 14:48:16.170 | VERBOSE |             =============Routing Table End=============
2019-4-17 14:48:16.170 | ERROR | ns_vpn_va_initialize_before_va | 269 | Could not find a valid default route or no external connectivity
2019-4-17 14:48:16.170 | ERROR | ns_start_vpn_postconfig | 1066 | Failed to set NDIS config


Somehow it cannot set ROUTES. 


Any ideas?





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