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Is it possible to access the remote smartphones?

Wesley Porto Rodrigues


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For Android, Citrix used to have a tool called the XenMobile Remote Support Tool, but it didn't function normally for any Android OS above 4.4.4. That tool was eventually decommissioned. When their cloud product rolled out they partnered with AetherPal to provide a remote support tool, but then AetherPal was bought by VMware. So today Citrix does not have a mobile support tool available, and when they do get one it's likely you will still have to license that product with a third party. So you might a well keep using TeamViewer.


For auto-installing a support tool package, you can add TeamViewer or GoTo to the required apps list via a XenMobile Deployment Group. Though that would only deliver the app and not provide any custom configuration for setup.

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So Endpoint management does not have its own tool for remote access on android smartphones, is that it? Do I always have to use a third-party tool like TeamViewer?

Here we always ask the users to install TeamViewer QuickSupport so that we can access them, the reason of my question was precisely to know if there was something internal in the tool that we could use in the delivery of the package via the store so that they could be installed automatically after the user logon in tool.

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1 hour ago, Ryan Tsamouris said:

Para Android, a Citrix costumava ter uma ferramenta chamada XenMobile Remote Support Tool, mas não funcionava normalmente em nenhum sistema operacional Android acima do 4.4.4. Essa ferramenta acabou sendo desativada. Quando o produto em nuvem foi lançado, eles se associaram ao AetherPal para fornecer uma ferramenta de suporte remoto, mas depois o AetherPal foi comprado pela VMware. Portanto, hoje, a Citrix não tem uma ferramenta de suporte móvel disponível e, quando ela obtiver uma, é provável que você ainda tenha que licenciar esse produto com terceiros. Então você pode continuar usando o TeamViewer.


Para a instalação automática de um pacote de ferramentas de suporte, você pode adicionar o TeamViewer ou o GoTo à lista de aplicativos necessários por meio de um grupo de implantação do XenMobile. Embora isso apenas forneça o aplicativo e não forneça nenhuma configuração personalizada para a configuração.


If it is possible to make the application available through the store so that it could be forced to install, it would already help a lot, we often have to deal with lay users and the process of installing the tool ends up being a bit complicated.

If so, how would I go about creating this package?

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You will first need to add the App via Configure > Apps. If it's a public app you can search the Google Play Store (depending on your version of XenMobile), or you can get the .APK file from another Android device (use APK Extractor app). You can also get APKs from an online service that collects app APK files (do a Google search for 'APK download'). After you have the app added, go into the Delivery Group that is associated with the users that you want to force the app onto their devices. Under the Apps section, drag the app into the 'Required Apps' list. Save that Delivery Group and then you'll be good to go. The next time those devices check-in they'll get the new Delivery Group changes and install those apps:



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