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Pulse Secure Realms: How to migrate in Citrix Gateway

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I recently migrated a PulseScure VPN SSL to Citrix Gateway (CG), Juniper solution has the possibility to configure "Realms", (Realms: means some user has a specific URL to access the vpn with permissions, bookmarks, applications,etc.) so my question here is:


In CG, there exists the possibility to replicate this solution?.  I mean, the user types: vpnabc.com/sales and take his own login page and access with his permissions and resources?


I´m thinking in configuring this:

- Create a CG VS no ipaddressable

- Configured Authentication Method, policies resoources, etc in CG VS.

- Create Actions binding CG VS and cs_policies to check the URL contain sales.

- Create a Content Switch Virtual Server with IP public.

- Bind cs policy.

- Test.


If anyone has a recommendation to replicate realms on Citrix Gateway , please let me know the best practice to performed this.


Thank you in advance.






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