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Web Logging client not logging SSL requests

Steve Cleveland

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I'm running NS 12.1 49.23 and the matching linux NSWL package.


I have the linux nswl client running and gathering logs.  Our websites are almost all redirecting to SSL sites, so I'm trying to filter out the non-SSL requests as they're just all redirects anyway.

To do that, I'm using a custom log format that includes the virtualhost and port:


logFormat               custom %v-%p %h %l %u [%t] "%r" %s %B "%{referer}i" "%{user-agent}i"


I then have a script that separates out the log files by virtualhost and port.


But all I'm getting in the log file is <vhost>-80.  I'm not seeing any logs at all from SSL virtual hosts.  This used to work when I first set this up (in NS 10.1 maybe?), but has been broken for a while.


I have a Netscaler Gateway running on the same VPX and I am seeing logs on 443 from that, but not from my regular virtual servers.


For some additional testing, I've simplified the nswl config.  I've tried removing the %v-%p part and using W3C format, but I'm not seeing SSL logs there either.  Just 302 redirects and logs from a couple of sites that still run on http.


I don't see any configuration in the Netscaler other than turning web logging on and off and setting the buffer size.  Is there something I'm missing?


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