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Set up Solarwinds Syslog

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Hi all,


We have two Solarwinds servers across two DC's and I want to use NetScaler to load balance. That part is easy however we need to set up as Active Passive. Has anyone set up the monitor that identifies the active server as I cant find anything and I am quite reluctant to phone up Thwack and avoid the upselling



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if you have Solarwinds NPM , in an active-passive, you can do something like this:


add server solarwinds1 xx.xx.xx.xx
add server solarwinds2 xx.xx.xx.xx
add service solarwinds2 solarwinds2 SSL 443 
add service solarwinds1 solarwinds1 SSL 443
add lb monitor solarwinds HTTP -respCode 200 -httpRequest "GET /Orion/Login.aspx" -secure YES
bind service solarwinds1 -monitorName solarwinds
bind service solarwinds2 -monitorName solarwinds


create an vip and bind the services. 





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the previous is just an ideea on how to do it if it was https traffic.


But in your case is syslog ,which is UDP. The  syslog server only receives traffic , does not send anything.

so i don't think  you can create a monitor for your traffic to establish wich server is up.

The passive server has the syslog service  stopped. Only  the active server has the syslog and any other service up.


ping monitor  ( default ) will not help as both servers reply.



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so using the example above  i think i have found a solution for this.


We will have teh services on UDP port 514 for syslog but we will use http 443 monitors to see which server is up:


add server solarwinds1
add server solarwinds2


add service solarwinds2 solarwinds2 UDP 514 
add service solarwinds1 solarwinds1 UDP 514 


add lb monitor solarwinds-http HTTP -respCode 200 -httpRequest "GET /Orion/Login.aspx" -LRTM DISABLED -destIP -destPort 443 -secure YES
add lb monitor solarwinds-http-2 HTTP -respCode 200 -httpRequest "GET /Orion/Login.aspx" -LRTM DISABLED -destIP -destPort 443 -secure YES


bind service solarwinds1 -monitorName solarwinds-http
bind service solarwinds2 -monitorName solarwinds-http-2


Make sure you ahhave different monitors for each server (destination ip must be the server)

Can you please test?


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