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Workspace App: Arch/Antergos/KDE Error: fIlTV.postMessage is not a function

Sebastian Schumacher1709160883



every time I use the Workplace App it crashes (window closes without error-msg, workspace app remains and I stay logged in) for like 5 times and on the 6th try it works like a charm.

I use Arch Linux (Antergos) with KDE on two 4k monitors.

The log always prints the same error (complete log attached):

[Mon, 15 Apr 2019 15:27:04 GMT] ERROR:|:error =error-general,fIlTV.postMessage is not a function
[Mon, 15 Apr 2019 15:27:04 GMT] SESSION:|:ICA:|:TRANSPORT:|:DRIVER:|:ERROR=fIlTV.postMessage is not a function
[Mon, 15 Apr 2019 15:27:04 GMT] SESSION:|:ICA:|:TRANSPORT:|:DRIVER:|:ERROR= , name=TypeError , message=fIlTV.postMessage is not a function ,call stack=TypeError: fIlTV.postMessage is not a function
    at TksVS (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:188:2877)
    at pZurx.l8_vD (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:188:5268)
    at NtVdq (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:192:12360)
    at pbcIq (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:192:15991)
    at MPKI6 (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:192:16785)
    at zO8OD (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:72:336)
    at jK4vO.vWQpC (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:72:1394)
    at XrFTd.nkINu (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:414:624)
    at ZE4Yv.vWQpC (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:410:6014)
    at qGccr.vWQpC (chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem/src/Business/IcaClient13200105032019.js:372:2991)
[Mon, 15 Apr 2019 15:27:04 GMT] SESSION :|: CONNECTION :|: CHROME SOCKET :|: ERROR :|: error during socket read and closing the connection: Error in invocation of socket.read(integer socketId, optional integer bufferSize, function callback): No matching signature.

thx for you help

mycompany Arbeitsplatz $S1-1 (04-15-2019-17-26-14).txt


Update: This only happens with special applications within the citrix workspace like ibm lotus notes or cisco webex. I also get an error from the citrix workspace enviroment manager, when I finally can start the session successfully.

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