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Xenserver shows VM offline, but is alive

Florian Hanig


Hi All,


I use Xenserver 6.5 and have a strange situation with 1 vm.

The VM is alive, I can access via RDP over Network and it works well.

In Xencenter the VM is shown as offline.


I've logged on the Xenserver via SSH and do:

# list_domains

1 | VM_GUID....... |    B H

# xe vm-param-get param-name=power-state uuid=VM_GUID......



So I have no backup from the VM and it's very important for me.

What should i check and do now, to bring the VM in a valid good state ?



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If you have no backup then the VM is not important to you.  Seriously.  I would take a snapshot and export it to a file first

so you have a backup of the VM.  I would then restart the VM and see if that state then appears proper. Is your XenServer 

up to date on hotfixes? Is it restarted on a regular interval or has it been running for years ? Also, on 6.5 you need to 

evaluate and decide on an upgrade path.  And of course a backup solution.




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You want a copy of your VM data accessible in a cold offliine storage state somewhere, a true backup copy,

if the data is important. Your vdi could corrupt or get overwritten, your file system could become corrupt.

if a single hard drive your drive could fail, a bug could destroy data, etc, etc. Granted, we didn't do a  quiesced

backup, but at least its something to work with in a disaster recovery situation.




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