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NICs Disconnected after upgrade from 7.2 to 7.3 and then 7.5

Jacob Degeling


** We have an open support ticket for this, but I thought I'd try here as well **


Recently we decided to upgrade from 7.2 to the latest version of XS after having purchased enterprise licenses. We have 3 hosts, 2 in a pool (Dell PER730xd), and one standalone (haven't touched this yet). I upgraded through XenCenter, first to 7.3, after taking a metadata backup. During this time, as VMs were shuffled to and fro we noticed that services were dropping off. We then discovered that neither of the hosts 2 x 10G copper ports (NetExtreme II BCM57800 1/10 NICs, bnx2x driver) were connected. During the next 24 hours to now we have noticed the following:

  • Network ports are connected when machines boot, but at 1G (light is orange). Once Xen boots and is loaded the ports get disconnected. Booting from a server update ISO gave us green lights (which stayed green).
  • Driver version is 1.714.6. I can not make heads or tails of the driver version numbers. A support tech asked me to update the drivers from this page. Following the instructions (bar the New installation section) didn't yield any results. Another support guy asked me to install this update (which was supposed to install a previous version, but which went to a page that had a higher version number than the first one). Second update didn't even do anything. Still at the same version as mentioned before.
  • xe pif-list yields some doubled up interfaces. Removing them and rescanning etc had no effect.
  • Hardware shows up in lspci output.
  • Support guy removed bonded interface (2 x 10G interfaces) to no effect.
  • NIC is supported by XS75.
  • Firmware version 14.10.07 installed to no effect.


Luckily we are a school and are on holidays. No students. But skeleton staff. Also luckily we still have one physical DC that can do DNS, DHCP etc for basic internet access. We are going to try the other 1G link as an emergency standby and at least get essential services going.


Hope someone can help!

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5 hours ago, Jacob Degeling said:

  Thanks so much for your help all you who replied. The latest drivers solved the issue. I cannot believe the timing of their release!


As far as I know, the guy who did file the bug report XSO-808 did migrate his systems to XCP-ng, because the lack of support he got from XS-team.

I am surprised, that Citrix did publish an updated driver, because the last comment was:



Closing as fixed in the Next XS release which will have 1.714.21 or later version of bnx2x.


Therefore I was not surprised too, that @jdegeling did report, that the upgrade to 7.6 didn't fix his issue ...


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I did notice, that Citrix has released new bnx2x-Drivers for Citrix XenServer TODAY:


Driver Disk for Qlogic netxtreme2 7.14.53 - For XenServer 7.1 LTSR: Link

Driver Disk for Qlogic netxtreme2 7.14.53 - For XenServer 7.x CR: Link


We also have network-issues. (packet-loss, strange symptoms) All of our XenServers (7.1) use the bnx2x-Driver.

We always had the suspicion, that the Broadcom-NIC / the driver is the root-cause.

We did investigate with support, but we did not get anywhere.

Of course we will test the new driver now.

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I think I would continue upgrading until you get to the 7.6 release since you have chose the latest CR route. 

If you don't absolutely need to stay CR consider going to 7.1 LTSR so you don't have to upgrade as frequently.

Working with support is your best option, forums are best for less critical situations/needs.




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