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HTML5 Connecting tab never closes

Jason Fortun


Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 (1811)

Chrome 73.0.3683.103


I have Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 working with one small irritation.  When you click on a published app to launch it opens a new tab, then the app runs in that new tab. If a user click on another application, a new tab opens with the "Connecting..." message, the app opens in the tab with the already open app (this is not a problem and is preferred) but the tab with the "Connecting..." message never closes. IE and Firefox behave as expected with the "Connecting.." message tab disappearing after the app launches in the previous apps tab.  Chrome (and incidentally Chromium based Edge) misbehave.  Anything thoughts as to how to fix this?

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Can you please use the latest version of HTML5 1903 and confirm if the issue is still reproducible ?
Also, please share the console logs from the session and the shared workers.
Steps : 

1) Console logs from Session : 

Click on settings button(top right) -> More tools -> developer tools.

Copy the logs from the console tab.

2) Shared workers :

Open new tab and enter chrome://inspect/#workers
Click on inspect of the shared worker and copy the logs under console tab.


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I was not able to find 1903 html5 only 1902 (  That version still produces the same issue.



i18next: languageChanged en
i18next-3.1.0.min.js:1 i18next: initialized Object
SessionWindow.js:8 VC apps status checking
SessionWindow.js:8 VC apps status done Array(0)
SessionWindow.js:8 [CEIP] clientInfo['ceipEnabled'] undefined
SessionWindow.js:8 [CEIP] tempData  Array(3)
SessionWindow.js:10 mouse evnetreg
IcaClient29080521022019.js:64 Using websocket : true
IcaClient29080521022019.js:64 Session Reliability Timeout:  180
IcaClient29080521022019.js:148 Browser does not appear to be WebRTC-capable



Browser does not appear to be WebRTC-capable
IcaClient29080521022019.js:460 Send CVC message for launch app 2

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