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7.15 CU2 delivery controller upgrade to CU3 advise

Andy White1709154166




I need to upgrade our 2 x CU2 Delivery Controllers to CU3, we have 2 SQL servers too in a mirror for redundancy.


I will take a manual backup of the databases, but is it ok to simply snapshot the 2 Delivery Controllers and Database servers.  Then upgrade one of the DCs which will do the DB, then once all is done, do the other.   Any issues  I can just revert to all servers to the previous snapshots?


We use VMware so I guess I could also clone.  I have veeam backups too.


Also how long should the upgrade on each take?



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There are few recommendations before you start upgrading your delivery controllers.



1.Run Smart Check. The Smart Check feature of Smart Tools enables you to run a variety of health checks on your Virtual Apps and Desktops Site. With Smart Check, you can find and fix issues before your users are impacted.

2.Take backup of all your Database servers and snapshots of both delivery controllers.

3. Before upgrading anything else, upgrade your Citrix Licensing Server. Install updated License files with non expired SA (Subscription Advantage) Dates.

4. Before starting an upgrade, close all programs that might potentially cause file locks, including administration consoles and PowerShell sessions.

5. Start upgrading one of your Delivery Controller. 

6. Launch Studio. Upgrade the database when prompted.

7. Upgrade the second Delivery controller.

And if you face any issues, you can revert  to your old configurations using your Database backups and snapshots of controllers.

Hope this helps.

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